Cultivating a Passion for Dance
Dance is a performance art form that is primarily designed to be performed in groups.  Because group dance is the main type of performance, dance is taught primarily in a group class setting.  

Group classes provide students with the opportunity to work with other dancers, with different abilities, knowledge, and skill sets.  It teaches team work, timing, rhythm, formations, and many skills that are needed to perform with a dance group.  It also provides an environment for students to challenge themselves to improve and to always strive for their best.  The skills attained during group dance classes is transferable to many other aspects of a students life as they progress in school, college and career.

Group classes allow for dancers to collaborate together to learn new skills and encourage each other to work hard to attain a goal.  This kind of environment builds friendships and bonds that last a lifetime!
BDCS Group Class Programs
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BDCS' core curriculum is based on the fundamentals of dance technique.  Using dance syllabus through all styles of dance offered at BDCS ensures progression and continuity in every class taught within the program.  You can rest assured that your child is learning proper dance technique in a progression that is age appropriate.  

Our passion is to prepare all students to engage in Dance throughout their lives.  Building strong, healthy, and happy children through the art of dance. 

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